The Turing Foundation was founded for the benefit of four very different causes. Specific working areas have been chosen for each of these causes. Below you will find links per working area which will lead you to more specific details on the application procedures to be followed.
The Turing Foundation wants to allow people in the Netherlands to enjoy art, namely:
The Turing Foundation strives for healthy balance in our ecosystem. This means protecting our climate, protecting biodiversity in the sea and protecting biodiversity on land. It requires a sustainable and respectful approach to nature that meets both current needs and those of future generations.
The Turing Foundation strives to offer children and young people the kind of education that can help them structurally, encourage their independence and autonomy, and make them better able to contribute to their communities.
The Turing Foundation has as its objective to eradicate leprosy as a disfiguring disease, and contributes to:
If Turing Foundation supports your project financially, the donation will be mentioned on our website. We also expect the project partners to mention the name and/or logo of the Turing Foundation on all promotional and publicity material, both online and offline.

Downloading and using logos

You can download the Turing Foundation logo and accompanying manual here in Ai, EPS and PNG format. We recommend viewing the manual for explanation on the correct use of our logo.

On digital publications, please link the logo to

We ask all project partners to send us examples of any publication beforehand to so we can assess the use.