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 Welcome to the Turing Foundation
The Turing Foundation is a private charity based in the Netherlands and spends its funds on behalf of four goals: The Turing Foundation was established in 2006 by Pieter Geelen and his wife, using the wealth he acquired as co-founder of TomTom NV, a company listed at the Dutch stock exchange.

Turing Foundation donates more than 1 million euro to new leprosy research
Mycobacterium Leprae
"The bacteria is only barely surviving among the very poorest in developing countries. For the first time, thanks to new medical insights, it is imaginable that we can rid the world of leprosy forever... more

Most recent projects: July 2014
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July 2014
Matisse tentoonstelling, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 2015
Henri Matisse (1868-1954) was one of the most important and influential artists of the 20th century, and one of the... more

Restored mangroves around a shrimp farm in Batangas, Verde Island Passage, Philippines
July 2014
Mangrove Rehabilitation, Verde Island Passage, Philippines, 2014-2017
For more than 25 years Conservation International has been doing valuable work protecting nature, and involving... more

Supporting effective recovery of mangroves, Philippines
July 2014
Effective restoration of mangroves, Philippines, 2014-2015
In addition to two major zoos, the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) has a renowned science and conservation department.... more

Speed schools, Dosso region, Niger
July 2014
Speed schools for 250 Adolescents, Dosso en Tillabéri, Niger, 2014-2016
The Stromme Foundation is an international development organisation focused on microfinance and education.... more

The first ride of the Turing Museumplein Bus, 8 Februari 2012
July 2014
Turing Museum Bus - Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 2014-2015
The Turing Museum Square bus transported 33,000 schoolchildren since 2012 from the suburbs... more

Brancusi, Rosso en Man Ray - winner of the Turing Art Grant 2013
July 2014
The Fourth Turing Art Grant, 2015
One of the goals of the Turing Foundation is to have more people enjoy the fine arts in Dutch museums. Reason for the foundation to launch the... more

The Sixth Turing National Poetry Competition
July 2014
The Sixth Turing Poetry Contest 2014-2015
The Turing Poetry Contest is the only poetry competition that's open to everyone, and isn't about a poet, but a poem. Previous editions... more

Extension of organic and fair trade cocoa production, Togo
July 2014
Organic and fair trade cocoa production, Akebou, Togo, 2014-2015
This project from Progreso, the Agro Eco-Louis Bolk Instituut and AVSF wants to stimulate organic cocoa production... more

Vocational training for women in Kinshasha, November 2012, D.R. Congo
July 2014
Vocational training for women in Kinshasha, D.R. Congo, 2014-2015
Humana is one of the largest clothing collectors of the Netherlands. Using the proceeds from the clothing sales,... more

Doe Maar, Dicht Maar, 2013-2016
July 2014
Doe Maar, Dicht Maar, 2014-2016
Doe Maar Dicht Maar is the largest poetry contest for secondary-school students aged 12-16 in the Netherlands. The contest is open to all secondary... more

DEDRAS Vocational education, Benin, 2012-2015
July 2014
Vocational education, Benin, 2014-2015
In Benin, Woord & Daad is working with local organisation DEDRAS. DEDRAS wants to offer youths vocational education tailored to the current... more

Improvement of educational quality at 8 schools, Bukavu, Walungu, Kamituga, D.R. Congo
July 2014
Improvement of educational quality at 8 schools, East Kivu, D.R. Congo, 2014-2015
War Child is devoted to giving children who have experienced war a peaceful future. War Child wants... more

Schoolbooks for a primary school in Northwest Cameroon, Turing Project Visit, March 2012
July 2014
Schoolbook project for primary schools, Cameroon, 2014-2015
Knowledge for Children supports rural schools in Northwest Cameroon in setting up a proper book collection as well as a... more

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